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Toddler Charts

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If you have a toddler, you know that their mood can go from happy and loving to complete meltdown mode. My son is making the change from the ‘terrible two’s‘ into the ‘terrifying three’s‘, which I only found out about the terrifying three’s while looking up when the terrible two’s would be over with. Ha!

So, I wanted to try some kind of behavior chart, hoping it would help even if it was just a little bit. There were a lot of really good ones, but I decided to go with the most simple one I had seen. The ‘stoplight’ comes from Bsuperb! It’s one that I really like since it’s simple to explain to Michael what each color face means. And if I have to move it, either way, I let him see me do it and explain to him why it gets moved. Here is the one for Michael.


I decided to check out some of the chore charts that had popped up in my search for the behavior ones, and I found one that I could use for Michael. I put it in a picture frame and use dry erase markers, instead of printing out a bunch of them. You could always laminate it too to reuse it as well! I stuck with simple things that he could do or help with, like picking up his toys. I added in sweeping/vacuuming because I know that is something that he likes to help with. Garbage is taking the little bag from the bin next to my desk out to the bin in the kitchen. You can add whatever you want depending on the age of your little one and what you know they like to help with. You can get this free chart from go grow go.


Another chart that I have been meaning to make, and that popped up in my searches, is the potty chart. I had seen one that I really liked and wanted, but it wouldn’t print for me. 😥 So I decided to make my own. I used the Microsoft 3D paint app to make it, and got the image of the boy from a Google search. Although I have to go back and edit the circles to be smaller for the stickers I’m using, but it turned out really good other than that. You can hang it up in the bathroom, or have it on a clip board like I do, with the stickers in the back.

potty chart downloads

These are slightly different (I didn’t realize until afterwards) than the one I printed for Michael. The only differences are that there is no ‘start’ or arrows.

Click on the image for the download


Do you use any chart for chores or behavior? Comment below what kind of chart works best for your little one, or if you use a chart for anything else.


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