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Super Simple St. Paddy’s Day Decorations

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The day when everyone is Irish!

If you’re looking for some really maith and fun ideas for St. Paddy’s Day Decorations, here is a list of some simple DIY’s that are absolutely golden!


Any printable is really simple to do, and these are my two favorites that I found! I put the Irish Blessing in a white frame in my room and had the Chalkboard print in a black frame in the dining room.

This canvas was supposed to be buttons, and the letters a separate project, but I loved the sparkly glitter so much, I didn’t want to cover them up. Click the picture below for my tutorial.

I did this first candle holder hot gluing clear glass beads (I couldn’t find any green gems at the store). I wanted to add some St. Paddy’s Day flair to it, so I added a little glitter shamrock.

This is my fav!! I am in love with the Claddagh meaning and design! I was going to do a harp (the national emblem of Ireland), but thankfully I found a claddagh outline while I was searching.

Hot glittery glue shamrocks! I used the glitter glue sticks for these. I then used ribbon to make a little banner, and I bought glue dots (you can also use double sided tape) to attach a couple of them to the windows. (I left on the wax paper in the middle so that Michael could draw in the middle before hanging them up).

After a little crafty fail and a jammed printer, I finally got these three cute candles done! I added a little ribbon and sticky gems. For the tutorial on how to transfer images onto a candle, check out My Craftily Ever After. (Note: Some sites say that these are for decoration use only, while others say it is okay to burn the candle. The choice is solely yours if you want to or not.)

(Tip: When printing out a design on the tissue paper, use double-sided tape instead of regular tape. I used regular tape and that is what jammed up my printer.)

Share your own super simple St. Paddy’s Day decorations below!


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