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How to remove slime from clothes

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While slime is fun sensory play for kids, that can also keep them busy for a good amount of time and maybe give us parents to get a moment to breath, it can also be quite a sticky messy.

The first time my son got slime all over his clothes, I thought it would come right out in the wash. Boy, was I wrong. It seemed like it actually made it worse! So I went searching through the web, hoping that there was something, anything, that could get this stuff off. Thankfully, I found a simple solution…


A common item that you may already have in your home, is just the thing to get all of that pesky slime out of clothes. I used distilled white vinegar from my local grocery store, but even though I have yet to try, I have read that even apple cider vinegar will do the trick as well.

Here is the aftermath of playing with slime.

You can pour the vinegar in a spray bottle like I did, or just pour it on directly from the bottle. I would also recommend using an old toothbrush to scrape the slime up, but since I lost mine from the last slime time, I went with a scrub brush, that helped a little but not as much as the toothbrush did.

I ended up using my fingernail a lot of the time also. The thicker parts of the stuck on slime came up pretty easily.

This is after using the vinegar and some peeling and scraping.

This is a super simple and easy way to get slime out of clothes. It doesn’t take much time at all! (depending on how much slime of course) It took about 20 minutes for this one. After it’s all cleaned, just throw it in the wash and it’s as good as new!

Have another remedy for slime removal? I’d love to hear about what you use to get the sticky slime out! Let me know in the comments below.

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