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Christian Easter Crafts for Kids

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When a lot of people think of Easter, the first things that they imagine is Easter egg hunts, bunny rabbits, dying eggs, and those little marshmallow peeps. I am no different, those are usually the first things I think of too, especially being a parent now. But this year I want to teach my son what Easter is really about. The resurrection of Jesus Christ!

These crafts will not just help teach your little one the meaning of Easter, but they will make it exciting and fun as well!


This tissue paper cross sun-catcher is so easy and inexpensive. For the full original tutorial, check out Faithful Little Hands. If you don’t have any contact paper on hand, and you want to get right to it, you can also do this with wax paper -like I did in the first two pictures – or using only the tissue paper – like in the third picture.



I saw a few different design versions of these binoculars around Pinterest, including one from A Willing Worker. I decided to make my own design to go along with Easter. I used printed napkins from the dollar store to put around the rolls, and I used the same question… What can you see that God made?

If you’d like to use the same picture I used, you can download the printable here.



Here is a great and fun idea! This Easter cross craft comes from Godly Ladies. If you would like a template for the sun, you can download to print it here. You can also download and print out an egg template to use here. I cut out the cross by hand. I didn’t have any paper fasteners on hand as the original post calls for, so I bent some staples a few ways and got them on there. Honestly though, they didn’t work as good as a fastener would have.

I think Michael did an amazing job on coloring his Easter egg too!



This is a craft the little ones are sure to love. And it’s so simple! A piece of paper, tape, and some watercolor paints is all you need. I used card stock paper so there was no chance of the paper tearing from the paint. I would suggest leaving the tape on, and just wiping the paint off of it, so that it doesn’t tear when pulling it off, like Michael’s did. It still turned out really good!


This is a fun, messy craft. Your little one will have so much fun with this one! For this cross painting craft, I used this blank canvas (11″ x 14″) and made a cross with painters tape. I then let Michael go ahead and do his thing with his finger paints. He had so much fun! (If you look really close, you can see his footprint on the bottom right, 😀 )

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After painting, M decided he wanted to do the ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’ song and dance. If you’d like to see the video of him getting himself all painted up while doing it, I posted it to the Crafty Momma Facebook page.


A simple and cute craft is this egg carton cross. For the full tutorial, go to Katie’s Crochet Goodies.


This is one of my favorites! These can be done for many different occasions. For Easter, I used a scripture that is about Jesus’ Resurrection. I found this adorable Hershey nuggets scripture treat idea from Nomemade Randomness! Click to see my video tutorial for this project.


Looking for a list of scripture verses for Easter? Head over to Gathered Again! They have a lot of different great verses you can use.


Comment below and let us know what family Easter traditions that you do to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus?

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