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Illuminated Picture Frame Box

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This is a great gift to make for anyone, for any occasion. I did this as a Mother’s Day gift. I knew I wanted to give a gift that had to do with pictures, because I know my Mother loves them. I got a bunch of picture frames and thought about what I could do with them, other than just putting pictures in them. I decided to make a picture frame box, but wanted to make it ‘light up’. So I made this Illuminated Picture Box!

I made the first one for myself, pretty much as a little tester. She loved it! Thank goodness, cause she was going to get a larger version. Here is the one I made for myself…


And here is the one I made for my Mom.

I wrote out the directions in addition to adding a slideshow video for the visual.

Supplies you will need:


  1. Glue -or tape- the edge of the card stock paper to the white tissue paper.
  2. Trim the edges of the tissue paper as close as possible.
  3. Print out your picture. Let ink dry.
  4. Cut out pictures and separate tissue paper from card stock.
  5. Place the tissue paper picture into the frames.
  6. Hot glue picture frames together at the edges. (Make sure you don’t glue too close to the back end, so that you are able to change out the pictures if you want)
  7. Place the LED candle in the middle.


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