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This is the very first year for Michael to have his own Elf on the Shelf. I think I may be just as excited, if not more, about this. I have already told him that Santa would be sending an Elf for him this year, and he already picked his name…Buddy.

I will be updating this page by the end of each day, to show what Buddy has been up to. Hopefully these can give you some fun ideas for your elf. There are a few days where Michael will not be home with me throughout the month, so I will post a link to another great idea on that day. 

Day 1 : Welcome sweets

Buddy arrived for his first day of scout duty with a little note for Michael, some sweet treats and coffee!It will make Michael ate the elf ‘donuts’ before I could get a picture.

Buddy then swiftly and secretly made his way into the bedroom, where he had a letter from Santa and an adoption certificate.

I read a little trick on making the powdered donuts. Dip the cheerio in a little bit of water, then put the powdered sugar on it. The sugar will stick to the cheerio. I have tried looking for the site to link, but I can’t find it. I ended up putting the cheerios in a baggie with the sugar, and shook it around to coat them. So much easier. Then take your toothpick and poke the hole through the middle.

Printables : Kringle’s Koffee Cups ~ Mrs. Claus’ Crullers box ~ Santa letter & Certificate of Adoption (must register your elf)

Day 2 : Reading time

Michael found Buddy in front of the fireplace, reading The Elf on the Shelf. Buddy also brought a bigger version of the book, and An Elf’s Story movie for Michael.

Since we had to re-arrange the living room and set up the Christmas tree today, Buddy had to be moved to a safe place. Thankfully he brought a Magic Glove so that he could be moved without losing his magic, and he was moved up onto a shelf.

The chair was made out of popsicle sticks and pieces of cardboard box, and lots of hot glue.

Printables : Magic Elf Moving Glove ~ Elf on the Shelf mini book ~ Note Template

Day 3 : Bathroom Buddy

Buddy needed a potty break! He was found on Michael’s little potty reading his elf magazine, along with some stinky elf poop’s.

Michael did so good moving Buddy with the magical glove, and he even cleaned out the potty!

I just rolled up a few small pieces of a mini reeses cup for the ‘poo’.

Printables : Elf Insider Magazine ~ Note template


Michael decided to hold onto Buddy while I wasn’t watching. Although he did put on the glove and did very good, until he decided to give Buddy a little kiss and accidentally touched him with his ‘un-gloved’ hand. So Buddy had to rest for the rest of the day in his bed. Thankfully, some ‘magic dust’ was delivered to help Buddy get his magic back and recover quickly so he could get back to his scout duties.

I made the bed, blanket and pillow from a piece of cardboard, leftover fabric and poly-fil. The blanket and pillow were actually from a minnie mouse costume I made a couple years ago, I just took a fabric paint pen and filled in most of the dots.

Printables : Elf Magical Recovery Kit

Day 4 : Magic Rainbow

We went to see how Buddy was doing in the morning and found that he wasn’t in his bed anymore!

But left behind was a Certificate of Health and a little note from Buddy.

Buddy got his magic back! Now where did he go?

Printable – Note Template

We went to the kitchen, where Buddy was waiting with a fun experiment for Michael to do.

Michael had so much fun watching the rainbow form…and of course was able to snag a few pieces of candy to eat!

Day 5 : Tic-Tac-Bow

Buddy and Woody were in the middle of an intense tic-tac-bow game under the Christmas Tree! I wonder who was going to win!?

Michael and I played a couple games and we are 1-1.  We’re going to have to play again to break the tie.

Woody’s got a friend in Buddy!

Printable : Tic-Tac-Bow ~ Note Template

Day 6, 7 & 8 – S’mores, Candy Bowling & Swinging Elf

Michael is away with his dad for the next few days, so I have found these 3 great ideas for you to check out from another page.

Check out the Elf Makes S’mores and the Elf Bowling Candy Game from Frugal coupon Living.

The Swinging Elf comes from My Mommy Style.

Day 9 : Snow Angel

Buddy was running behind schedule, but was able to quickly find a new spot this morning 😉 and wanted to show Michael a ‘snow angel’ that he made from flour.

I would recommend using granulated sugar instead, cause the flour (and confectioner sugar) can be a bit of a pain to get off of your elf.

Buddy’s Flour Snow Angel

Day 10 : Peek-a-boo Igloo

Michael found Buddy ‘chillin‘ all cozied up in his very own igloo!

This was made from a milk jug and lots of cotton balls. I added LED lights under the cotton balls for the glowing light.

Day 11 : Santa Buddy

I wonder what The Rock is telling Santa Buddy what he wants for Christmas, while the rest of the toys wait patiently in line?!

Michael is sick with a cold, so Buddy has told Michael to rest and write his letter to Santa. Ha! 😛

Ho Ho Ho!

Uh-Oh – Again!

I should have known to move Buddy with the magic glove right away, but alas, I didn’t. So Michael went to play with his blocks that Buddy was sitting on and Buddy fell to the floor. So Buddy had to stay in bed and rest for the day, with the magical dust on him.

Another day of rest

Day 12 : Pizza party game night!

Buddy is feeling better today! He looks to be in the lead playing Candy Land with Raphael. Of course there has to be pizza when a Ninja Turtle is around!

Chair and table are the dollhouse furniture that came from Dollar Tree. 

I used a pizza lunchable and cut it into a small circle that would fit the pizza box. I then cut it into pieces. I pre-made it, which is why the cheese is dried out :-/ I set it up early this morning, but unfortunately the cat had gotten to a piece of it and knocked Buddy over in the process. I got the magic glove and set him back up.

Party time dude!

Printables : Pizza box ~ Candy Land game

Day 13 : Gingerbread & Clubhouse

Michael came home to Buddy in his brand new clubhouse! He also had a mini gingerbread house, and brought one for Michael to build too! Buddy set up a little mailbox as well, so that Michael’s Christmas wish list would be sent to Santa.

I made the little clubhouse from popsicle sticks, and most of everything came from Dollar Tree, except the Elf on the Shelf Gingerbread House Kit and the pictures I printed that are on the inside.

Michael wasn’t much into making the gingerbread house, so I was left alone to do the job. He was more interested in just eating the candies!

Day 14 : Rockin’ Buddy

Michael found Buddy rockin’ out on some drums. He had a note for Michael to have a better day today, or he won’t be back tomorrow.

I made the drums from 2 small tomato soup cans and 1 tuna fish can. The chair is a dollhouse chair from the Dollar Tree, and the ‘drum sticks’ are popsicle sticks cut in half.

Printables : Jingle Jams drums ~ Bad day letter

Day 15 : Elf on Strike!

Buddy did not show up today because someone was still being naughty. 🙁

Day 16 : Wall climb & zip line

Michael found buddy laying on the shelf under the bow wall climb. I told him that Buddy must have fallen while climbing (the tape either didn’t hold, or the kitten got to him) Thankfully I take now the picture before going to bed just in case.

My plan was to move Buddy during the day onto the zip line. I was able to do that, but he ended up falling off of that too after a few moments of hanging there, which is why I wasn’t able to get a picture of that. I had Buddy hidden for a little bit, and while Michael was searching for him, I put him up in the tree for Michael to find him again.

I got the mini bows and red/white rope from the Dollar Tree.

Day 17 : ‘Super’ Snowball Fight

Michael found Buddy and Woody in the middle of a ‘snowball fight’. Buddy had on a Superhero outfit too!

The plan was to have all of his ‘superhero’ toys in this, but it was so late and I just grabbed Woody up real quick and set him up.

I used the mini cups and marshmallows from the Dollar Tree, and free-handed the mask from felt fabric from WalMart.

Printables : Cape Template

Day 18 : Candy Cane Sledding Race

Buddy and Michaelangelo  are racing on candy cane sleds. Who will win?

I hot glued candy canes together and attached a string for the handle. I had leftover poster board for the slide.

Day 19 : Artistic Elf

Buddy had drawn a picture of himself! And he brought along a small canvas and some colored pencils (human sized) for Michael.

The bigger canvas and colored pencils are from Dollar Tree. The mini colored pencils (came in a kit), mini canvas and easel are from Walmart. The mini colored pencil box was a printable I found (listed below)

Printable : Mini colored pencil box

Day 20 : Elf Gift

Michael was gone for the night, but he came home to find that Buddy had left a gift for him! His very own Elf Suit to wear when he goes to visit Santa!

Toddler Elf Costume

Day 21 : Move Night!

I’m surprised that it didn’t happen sooner, but I completely forgot to take a picture. So below is a picture of the printable from Learning As I Sew.

Day 22 : Shrinking Machine

Buddy decided to make the candy canes ‘elf sized’.

I had originally seen this idea on Pinterest using oreos. I used wrapping paper to cover a small bin and attached a sign, with Buddy sitting on top.

Day 23 : All Wrapped up

Buddy decided to have some fun with the wrapping paper, while wrapping a couple gifts for Michael.

Day 24 : Night before Christmas

Buddy was found in his clubhouse reading ‘Twas the night before Christmas. And Michael had a Christmas Eve box that Buddy helped put together. Unfortunately I again forgot to take pictures.

The Christmas Eve box had Christmas #selfie pajamas, popcorn, movie and a chocolate milkshake in it. (Michael loves Pediasures)

Printable : Twas the Night before Christmas miniature book

Day 25 : Buddy’s Last Day

Buddy was reading Luke 2:1-20 (NIV) in his very own miniature Bible, with a goodbye note for Michael.

Printable : Holy Bible

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