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Easter Slime

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My son loves slime! And to be honest, I do too. It is simple and quick to make, and kids can spend hours playing with it. And it’s great sensory play! The last recipe I used, it turned out OK. This time around, it was perfect! Since Easter is today, I decided to make it colorful with glitter. I was lucky enough to have glitter colors that worked great for Easter!



What you need:


Pour ½ cup (or one whole 4oz bottle) of glue into a bowl

Add ½ cup of warm water

I put warm water in the glue bottle and shook it up, and used it as part of my 1/2 cup of water (that’s why the water is white)

Stir in glitter (I just had Michael pour in the glitter, so there was no measuring, just add however much, or little, as you like)

Mix it up really well

In a separate bowl…Pour ¼ tsp of borax

Add ½ cup of hot water

Pour the borax and water mix into the glue mixture bowl

Do this step very quickly and start to stir! You will see the reaction of mixes as soon as you start adding the borax.

Your slime will look like this, but it will thicken up

Once the mix becomes too thick for mixing with a spoon, use your hands to knead the slime until the right consistency.

After a few minutes, you’ll have your oozing slime!

You can use clear glue, and any other items like sequins or small items to add as well. I like the white glue with the glitter.


Wishing you a happy, healthy and blessed Easter!!

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