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DIY Santa Cam Ornament

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What you’ll need…

I used the red acrylic paint, and opted to put that, and the glitter, on the inside of the ornament instead of out. Note : I wouldn’t shake it around unless the top piece of the ornament has absolutely no spaces where the paint will come out, like mine unfortunately did.

It was hard to get all of the inside area, so I used a small paintbrush to get inside and dab on the areas that were missed.

You can do freehand or you can use some fancy sticky stencil like I did. I used a white paint pen for the lettering, then an x-acto craft project knife to gently scrape the parts of paint that had gone under the stencil.

I then used black acrylic paint for the camera, and then used the white paint pen to draw the white areas for the lens. I added a little bit of silver with another paint pen to the red ‘light’ and areas of white on the lens, then added the string.

Do you use a Santa cam or an Elf cam? Does it help with keeping the little’s on their best behavior? Let me know in the comments below.


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