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Colorful Rain & Silhouette Canvas

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This project was inspired by EasyMeWorld.

I wanted a silhouette of a mother and son, so I searched the web for ideas, and there were tons. I found a few that I really liked and used my Microsoft Paint 3D to ‘tweak’ parts of them into each other and added a silhouette umbrella. You can find just about any image as silhouette that would work great!


This is what my edited paint 3D image looked like…

Not the greatest, but it worked well enough to just trace onto the canvas. 😎

I taped the printed out silhouette to the back of the canvas to trace…

I then covered my drawing with tape, like so…

Luckily I had a ton of acrylic paints to use from my Mother that she had left over from her paint projects. I have seen quite a few projects like this that do rainbow colors, but I wanted something ‘Spring-y‘, so I went with more light colored paints.

I had small cups and added the colors I was going to use, then added water to them so that they would drip down the canvas easily. There’s a great tip over at the site listed above on how to keep your colors from running into each other.

I let it dry and pulled the tape off from the drawing…

I did a little touching up with white paint on a few spots, then I took the black paint and painted in the silhouette drawing…I felt like the bottom beneath the the silhouette needed something, so I added a puddle on the bottom with the same colors as the rain…

I love how it turned out! ♥

What kind of silhouette image would you use for this project? And what colors would you use? Let me know in the comment section below!

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