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April Fool’s Day Pranks for Adults

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A couple of days ago I brought you April Fool’s Day Pranks for Kids, but I thought why not post some great ideas for the adults? So, I scoured the web for the best pranks that you can pull on your SO or friends. Some of these would be okay to do for older kids as well, but a couple of them, eh not so much!

1. Put some food dye on their tooth brush. When they go to brush, instead of clean, fresh teeth, they’ll have a mouthful of color! You could put some orajel on it too!
2. Apples and onions! You can bet they’ll probably go to brush their after biting into one of these, so you can have #1 set up and ready for them.














3. Do you know anyone who likes to always take your gum? This is a great prank to play on them. Plus, this playdough gum could also work with #1.
4. I couldn’t find any of this spray at Walmart like the picture says, but thankfully I was able to find it at Cabela’s. The bathroom would be the perfect place to set this up!


















5. I couldn’t stop laughing when I was reading these. This idea is genius! Make sure to make the shortcuts as embarrassing as possible!
6. If your victim has a pet, this is a good prank to play on them -just make sure to tell them before the poor animal gets in trouble-. If they don’t have a pet, well they’ll be left wondering where the heck this thing came from! Simply shape some playdough and put brown paint on it, to look like poo.















7. Watch as your friend takes a bite out of one of these ‘baby’ powdered donuts!
8. I don’t know who came up with this amazing life savers prank, but hats off to them for this!














9. Powder in the hair dryer is a good prank to play, especially if they had just got out of the shower! Just make sure a fire doesn’t happen like in the picture below!
10. A big cut out of a gollum, or any other creepy character, is a perfect way to do a scary prank.








What is your favorite prank to pull on your friends? Let us know below!


→ Crafty Momma is not responsible for any pranks that may go wrong! ←

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