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April Fools Day Pranks for Kids

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If you’re looking for some fun, yet innocent, pranks to play on the kids, or even the adults, I’ve put together a list of 10 creative ideas for you to do! The kids (and you) are sure to get a good laugh out of these awesome pranks.

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1. This chicken -not- pie is genius! Made with graham crackers, vanilla pudding, starbursts and laffy taffy. See how to make this over at From the Hive
2. What kid doesn’t like candy? Here’s a great prank to do for them. They’ll definitely be surprised when they open up the wrapper. Cut the pieces in halves for smaller kids. -via Eats Amazing

















3. Since Easter is the same day as April Fool’s Day this year, this next prank is a perfect one to do! Simply replace the chocolate candies with grapes! -via Passion for Savings
4. A great way to start the day of pulling pranks (pun intended). Tape a party popper to your kids door, and when they come out in the morning, POP! This will definitely make them awake and alert. img

















5. This un-drinkable juice prank will surely be a hit! You could serve it along with the chicken -not- pie too! Use any flavor jell-o in a cup with a straw.
6. The little kids will get a good kick out of this one. Post googly eyes on everything in the fridge!













7. Just think of the look on their faces when they go to bite into this delicious, chocolaty sponge!
8. Want to give the kids a small, harmless scare? This will definitely make them jump a little.











9. Another great way to incorporate the Easter holiday into your pranks, is this chocolate bunny idea from the decorated cookie
10. These Beanboozled Jelly Beans are a great way bring your pranks to the egg hunting fun. Go ahead and put some of these in those hidden plastic eggs!













Comment below and let us know what kind of pranks you enjoy playing on the kids, or the best prank the kids have played on you!

Remember: Keep an eye on small children when they are eating candies!

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